Colloidal Silver

Even the ancient Greeks and Romans knew and used the benefits of silver: silver pots kept drinks, which will remain fresh for a long time. The American colonists observed that the milk was sour for a long time, if a silver dollar that is inserted. Silver is an essential trace element for both plants and animals and to humans...

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Colloidal Zinc

Irrelevant for the human diet and general health promotion has recently been recognized. In clinical testing of zinc deficiency in humans was first described in 1961, in relation to the Middle East experienced juvenile dwarfism. Since then, the deficiency is recognized by experts on important public health problem that particularly affected emerging countries...

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Colloidal Copper

Humankind has used copper for thousands of years in medicine and in beauty. According to the legends and mythological stories, the Queen of Sheba by King Solomon was ground copper, which he further refined mixed and diluted ointment smeared her face and body to preserve and enhance beauty. Interestingly, also said the same legendary beauty...

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Colloidal Gold

A good quality gold colloid solution, completely made ​​of natural mineral dietary supplement . In case of arthritis, effectively relieve pain, reduce swelling and improve the movement of the joints. Decrease the negative effects of stress, improve brain function and renew the nervous system...

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